Friday, September 3, 2010

Finally jumped off the cliff

Two weeks ago was settlement for the new property. The tenants decided to leave straight away, so a few days after settlement we finally got the keys and went to have a look at the original house. The tenants had already disconnected the power so we had to explore by the light of our mobile phones. It was a lot of fun, but it was a few days later in daylight we really got to see the house. All thoughts of renovating quickly evaporated, I'm sure it would be possible but it would take a lot of work.

We finally made a decision and what to build and went with Fairhaven's Barwon 352 with only a few minor modifications.

The first big decision was to stick with the original plan and build a single house. Financially it would have made more sense to subdivide, build two townhouses and sell one, but we bought here for the location to live here a long time. We wanted to build our house and our block.

Then we decided against Burbank's Barrington (lack of parent/living/kids zone) and Henley's Lexington after looking more closely at the Talise Q2. In the end the lack of a display home anywhere for the Talise and the need for several changes to the floor plan that we could not picture led us to pick the Barwon.

Kate got her huge kitchen, laundry and colorbond roof and the kids got their WIRs. This Sunday we are taking the kids to see the display home since Asher has not seen it yet.

Now onto selecting bricks, taps, tiles...