Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Shed

Settlement for our old home was late October. After 5 months there was a minor hiccup at the last minute (from the buyer's side) that delayed it a few more days, but at last is was settled and its no longer our home.

For the duration of the build we are living in what we affectionately call "The Shed". Its a 1 bedroom studio apartment above my sister-in-laws garage which they built when they were renovating their house. We formed a second bedroom with bookcases for us, the kids get to share the separate bedroom.

The rest of our stuff is either in our mother-in-laws garage or a storage unit. I put down a false floor of bricks and chipboard in the garage to get as much as I could off the floor to try to keep things dry.

So far The Shed has been OK. Location wise it is in a fantastic spot for the kids to get to school and me to work. With the cousins right next to us, the kids are playing all the time on their Rip-Sticks, walking the dog, etc. We have found we are sitting around together reading far more than we ever did before. And we are watching far less television.

The only negatives so far are the single bathroom, including toilet and cat litter tray. That's taking some getting used to after living in a house with 3 bathrooms.

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