Saturday, June 25, 2011

The frame is up

Its been an exciting week since we are at the fastest stage of construction; slab and the house frame.

The slab was poured on the 16th. I think we were lucky with the weather as it was rainy and cold most days that week.

The next day they have marked where all the frames would go on the slab so that was our first chance to really start picturing the size of the rooms. For the first time in months it seemed real to the kids.

It was also our first chance to see how big the back yard would be since we extended the house by 1m and the standard council setback pushed the house back a little more. I have to admit we were a little shocked how small it was, but at the same time could see how we could deck all the way from the alfresco to the pool.

In no time at all the frame and roof trusses have gone up. Many of the windows are in, external doors including the corner-less alfresco sliding doors!

Today was the first chance we had to look during daylight hours...

We never intended to have a portico, it seems like it could fit 20 people under it and not get wet in the rain.

Here is the view from the family room with the alfreso on the left, the dining and kitchen straight ahead, and then into the living room.

Looking back the other way we can see dining, alfresco and family rooms. I'm so glad we added the extra metre to the dining room, there is going to be more than enough room there for a large square table.

The living room looks bigger than we expected, with the two windows and the fireplace in the middle.

We just happened to be there when a steam train was going past, this picture is from our driveway.

We are rapt with the progress so far. Soon we expect the tiles will be delivered for the roof and then the bricks. Hopefully the weather stays as nice as it has been this weekend.

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