Friday, August 5, 2011

At lockup, for some definition of lockup

The builder invoiced us at the start of the week for lockup. This is the largest progress payment of them all so given the time it has taken them since frame stage you can't help asking, was that really worth $X? The other thing we asked was whether we were actually at that stage since the brick layer is had not finished some of the walls.

The builder eventually admitted by the end of the week they had invoiced too early, but by then the brick layer had finished so we paid the builder. You heard right, seven weeks after the slab was poured the builder is starting to install the cabinets and other fittings.

Chester our dog had his first visit to the house today, he doesn't travel well so we normally don't bring him.

Our ensuite vanity (but not bench top), backboard for the mirror, and some water proofing for the shower are in.

But of course the moment we have been waiting for is the kitchen...

Here you can see where the two 600mm overs, dishwasher and microwave will go.

Both vanities for the kids bathroom are also in.

There are a reasonable number of bricks left over, despite all the broken bricks that were thrown away, so we have asked the builder to keep them for our front fence once the house is done.

The skirtings and internal doors are there ready to be installed. The wood and plaster for eaves is also onsite, we are justr unsure if these are installed before or after the bricks are cleaned.

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