Saturday, July 23, 2011

Nearly at lockup

This week the builders installed
  • Electrical and data cabling,
  • Insulation and sound proofing batts,
  • Roof and wall plastering,
  • Evaporate unit and solar panel for hot water on the roof, and
  • Finished bricking the garage

We have not had another delivery of bricks yet, so progress on the external walls has slowed to a halt. I wonder if it is still too wet, especially at the front and rear of the house.

A month ago when the frame was up I took pictures of the family, dining and kitchen room. Today I took photos from the same spot with the plaster in place. Here is the family and dining room:

Here is the dining room and kitchen:

This room is still huge, even with the plaster. I'm not regretting adding the extra metre to the room.

Speaking of huge, the portico is not getting any smaller:

We didn't expect but in hindsight it makes sense for the evaporate unit and solar panel on the roof before the scaffolding was taken down.

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