Friday, July 8, 2011

A roof over our heads

We met with the site supervisor for the first time today. The build has been going so well we haven't needed to talk face to face yet, but we thought it was time to meet him and see how things were going.

Like us, he was very happy with the progress so far, everything has gone to plan and if anything they are running ahead of schedule. He expects the electrician and brickies all to start next week, we could be at lockup by the end of the month!

Despite the weather this week, the roof is on and close to completion. The tiles and guttering look great. In the overcast skies they look grey, I expect on a sunny day the blue will come out.

From the side you can see we will not any problems with locating the solar panels...

There is a lot of room in the roof for storage since it is such a long structure with few deviations. The portico however just keeps getting bigger, its the first thing you see of the house as you drive up the street.

From the front you can see our neighbours powerline, the post box and power pole.

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